• Siti Delly, 60 years old recipient of house renovations program

CSR 2015 – One of the programs of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) as one of the PSC SKK Migas is House Renovation. The target is to prioritize for poor widows since they are considered more difficult in the economy than people whose family members are still intact. In addition, there are criteria for decent housing assistance given likes roofs and walls of houses have been damaged.

In 2015, KEI provides donation for ten houses renovation. Each home received funds worth IDR 5.6 million. One of recipient of house renovations program is Siti Delly, 60 years old, resident of Dusun Dua, Pagerungan Besar, Sapeken Sub-district. She lived alone with her sister has also been senile.

Siti said “before getting KEI’s CSR program of house renovation, her residence is not habitable. The roof which the materials from straw often leaks during the rainy season”

Wood used as the walls of many holes so as cold climate in the night and often caught a cold. “I cannot renovation my house because not enough money” she said in Bajo language and translate by local government, Saturday 19 December 2015.

Women who do not have permanent job that express gratitude as much to SKK Migas – KEI, without company assistance, her home will remain in a condition still not habitable.

On 2016, the program of house renovation will be continued and company has conducted an inventory of houses need renovation. Hopefully, it will be benefit to the community.