• Inauguration KEI CSR Program, Diesel Power Plant in 3 Islands of Raas

One of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) as one of SKK Migas’ PSC is an Infrastructure Program, concern to improve the social or public facilities in village around operation area and located within the Raas, Sumenep Regency, East Java Province one of which is build the diesel power plant.

Realizing the CSR program, KEI together with SKK Migas is working to implement the commitments in the form of electricity campaign since year 2000. In 2013 KEI build the diesel power plant in 3 islands are Tonduk, Komerian and Kalosot is part of the Terang-Sirasun-Batur (TSB) field.

“But to build power supply for more than 2,000 houses and roads in 3 villages is not easy. It took 3 years for our team to build, because everything had to be built from beginning. Even the internal conflict of the village had made our work stopped, the total receiver of the electricity program is 2.340 units; Tonduk Island received the biggest amounted 1.200 units” recalls Is Nugroho, VP Public Relation & General Affair of KEI.

Island Number of Housing Units Number of Public Facilities        Area(m2) Grid Electricity (meter) Generator Capacity (KVA)
Goa-goa 746 16 3,310,000 5,100 2 X 75
Tonduk 1,200 15 2,490,000 9,000 2 X 130
Komerian 225 7 7,800 4,800 2 X 30
Kalosot 169 6 2,300 2,350 2 X 15
Total 2,340 44 5,810,100 21,250 2 X 15


Karim Busyro, Regent Sumenep grateful and appreciated for KEI CSR Program, “Electricity is needed in every community activities and school children can study at night,” he said at the inauguration of diesel power plants in 3 villages in Tonduk island on Tuesday, 3rd May 2016.

He hoped that the community can maintain and utilize electricity. “Each lamp is priced 32 thousand per month. Society must pay in order for the electricity kept alive so that it can help the community activity,” he added.

For the success of the program, the village government established the special community groups as stakeholders, at low rates based on agreement. Hj. Siti Hayati  as Tonduk Village Head said “Needs to be conveyed to the Regent of Sumenep and the Kangean Energy Indonesia company that the fare per 1 point of light will be charged IDR 32.000”.

Meanwhile, in the same occasion, representatives of SKK Migas Jabanusa Ami Hermawati requesting the public support for oil and gas activities in the district Sumenep.

The inauguration attended by the Regent of Sumenep, Vice Regent of Sumenep, Representative of local legislative council of Sumenep (DPRD Kab. Sumenep), SKK Migas Representative of Jabanusa, Vice President of Public Relations & Government Affairs of Kangean Energy Indonesia, along with Director of ESDM Regional Office Regency  of Sumenep, Government of Sumenep District, and the local community leaders.