SURABAYA – Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) as Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Oil and Gas operating in the district of Sumenep put a great consideration about the social welfare of local society. This year KEI prepare Rp 2.1 billion for the Community Program Operations Support (PKPO) in District Sapeken and Raas, including carry over budget from 2015 to 2016. There is an increase of PKPO budget for this year addressed nearest of drilling area. The planning, PKPO budget in 2015 amounted to Rp 1.435 billion and budget is realized only Rp 765,911,500, since some of the proposals have not been submitted to KEI until the end of 2015.

The above budget is to cover and defray the needs of the people who live near Kangean Block. Prior to a decision to provide and increase the nominal budget in 2016, KEI together with SKK Migas invite representatives of officials in Sumenep Regency, DPRD, the sub head village, and community leaders on the island of Raas and Sapeken. After knowing the aspiration, KEI and district government agreed PKPO 2016.

VP PR&GA KEI, Is Nugroho said that the coordination meeting is conducted to evaluate and synergize the previous program that has been running. Including, accommodating the aspirations of the district government and the citizens of Raas and Sapeken. “So, PKPO really for community”, he said. PKPO funds are absorbed and realized already very high, he added. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Regent Sumenep stated that this meeting to synchronize the PKPO program with district budget in order to avoid overlapping.

M Fatah Yasin, Head of Public Relations Representative of SKK Migas Jabanusa said that SKK Migas and KEI will coordinate more intense with the district government and community leaders, so that the aspirations and needs of the citizens can be realized for the benefit of society.

Regent of Sumenep, Karim Busyro is grateful to KEI and SKK Migas, because the program carried out so far has been very helpful and his hoping this cooperation will be sustained, the success of the program should be well supported by the community, keep in preparing human resources and sociocultural.