SAPEKEN – Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) Ltd. utilize the Eid Ul-Adha Mubarak 1437 H to share among others. The employees of KEI PSC distribute dozens of sacrificial animals to the people around the KEI’s working area, especially in Sapeken and Raas Districts.

The sacrificial animals that been distributed are originated from KEI employees and their families and contractors, also the former employees. The Manager of Public & Government Affairs (PGA) of KEI, Hanip Suprapto, said that the distribution of sacrificial animals is an annual event. The activities are collaborating with Badan Dakwah Islam (BDI) of KEI.

Hopefully, the activities will establish a good relationship between the local community and company, particularly, the employee. The agenda is the concern the employee to the local community. “We share the sustenance for the community around the KEI operational area,” he said (16/9).

He explained, all this time the relationship between SKK Migas – KEI employees and the local communities are very good, the mutual cooperation also established between us.

Well, the good relations should be well maintained. Therefore, there will be miss communication between company and the local community. If there any issues, could be settled amicably. “Employees are set aside their sustenance to share among others,” He said.

The head of BDI, Wildy Khalid, appreciated the activity. The employees and their families can share with the poor people around the KEI operational area.

Recipient List of Sacrificial Animals
Raas District
No Village/Islamic Boarding School Quantity Goat
1 Guwa-Guwa 4
2 Tonduk 4
3 Alas Malang 2
4 Poteran 2
5 Brakas 2
6 Kropoh 2
7 Karang Nangka 2
8 Jungkat 2
9 Ketupat 2
10 Kecamatan 2
11 Polsek 1
12 Koramil 1
13 Komirian 2
14 Talango Tengah 1
15 Talango Aeng 1
16 Kalosot 1
17 Jamik Mosque 1
18 Pondok Pesantren Sirajul Akhyar 1
19 Pondok Pesantren Kasyfudduja 1
Total 34


Sapeken District
No Village Quantity
1 Pagerungan Besar 2 cows / 10 goats
2 Pagerungan Kecil 1 cow
3 Sepanjang 4 goats
4 Saseel (Dusun Saredeng Besar dan Saredeng kecil) 3 goats
5 Sadulang 4 goats
6 Sapeken 2 goats
7 Kecamatan Sapeken 2 goats
Total 3 cows / 25 goats