The Budget Reaches Billions of Rupiah

RAAS – Commitment of Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) for developing communities in the operation area should be appreciated. Through the Program Penunjang Operasi (PPO) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a success to build power facility in the islands on Raas Sub district, including Talango Tengah Island, Talango Aeng Island.The inauguration was attended by KEI representatives and SKK Migas of Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara (Jabanusa). KEI represented by CSR Program Coordinator, Kampoi Naibaho and CSR staffs, Sarip Hidayatullah and Siska Oktavia. Meanwhile SKK Migas Jabanusa represented by Priandono Hernanto, Public and Government Affairs and Arif Budiman Panigoro, Administrative & Financial staff. The Government of Sumenep Regency represented by Head of Energy Natural Resources (ESDA) Abdul Kahir. Raas Sub districts Leader (FORPIMKA) are presented, including the Head of Raas Darussalam Sub district. The inauguration and symbolic handover was witnessed by hundreds of local residents.Before the symbolic handover, there were the signing of letter of acceptance and other documents. Furthermore the inauguration process marked by ribbon cutting. All invitations were led by SKK Migas representatives and KEI jointly pushes the engine button to turn on the electrical power.

  • INAGURATION: Public and Government Affairs of SKK Migas Jabanusa Priandono Hernanto (left, white shirt) with CSR Coordinator Kampoi Naibaho (Batik) and guest on inauguration of the electricity network in Talango Tengah.

Previously, KEI conduct coordination meeting of CSR Programs with Community Development Committee of Sumenep Regency at Hotel C1 Sumenep, the meeting attended by the entire Village Heads and Community Representatives of Raas Sub district (Pokmas).

In the meeting, KEI represented by Hanip Suprapto, Manager of Public and Government Affairs (PGA) and meeting materials were presented by CSR Program Coordinator, Kampoi Naibaho. The Coordination meeting which also attended by Assistant of Sumenep Regency Secretary, Moh. Jafar went very smoothly.

Brakas Village Head of Raas Sub district, Syamsul Arifin, thanked KEI for the lighting that very helpful to assisting island society. “The existence of electricity means saving people from the closure, since the public never felt the electricity service from PLN” he said.

In separated location, Abd. Kahir confessed that he fully supports the program activities of KEI. The assistance is not only by helping the local community. However, it’s also reducing the burden on local governments. Peoples are expected to maintain the facilities. “The government is also greatly assisted” he said.

Priandono Hernanto expressed, the realizations of electricity in the islands are a community need. Thus, SKK Migas immediately agreed. “Moreover, the electricity is needed.” He said.
Meanwhile, KEI PGA Manager Hanip Suprapto said that KEI are committed to support the communities in the operation area. The electricity program expected to increase social welfare in island communities. “We absorb the local community aspirations and this program is the wishes of the people” he said.

Talango Tengah Island, KEI allocate the budget to Rp 583.360.000, Talango Aeng Island Rp 546.930.000 said Hanip. Apart from the two islands, KEI develop electricity on Kalosot Island Rp 492.425.000, Tonduk Village Rp 1.861.765.359, and Gowa-Gowa Village Rp 740.773.400.

Thanks to KEI CSR Program in Raas Sub district, peoples in the five islands can enjoy electricity. Now the five islands had light up at night. Although currently only be light up for 12 hours.
(Source: Jawa Pos Radar Madura)