Welcoming Eidul Adha 1438 H, Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) Ltd. sharing with the communities around the operating area. KEI is one of the PSC Contractor (KKKS) which its operation under the supervision and control of Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) as the government representative. The employees of SKK Migas’ KKKS deliver dozens of qurban animals in two sub-districts, Sapeken and Raas.

The activity routinely held every year and its form of concern from company employees together with their families that aim to strengthen good relations and optimize contributions to the community around the operating area. Not only the current employee, the former workers also participated in distributing the qurban animals.

Head of Raas Sub-district, Darussalam, give his appreciation for the activities carried out by KEI every year and thankful to all employees and parties who care about Raas. “We welcome KEI who remain concerned with the surrounding community in the operating area, especially in the Raas Island” he said. “For this year Eidul Adha, we received total of 26 qurban animals that divided into Guwa-Guwa and Tonduk Island together with 7 villages on Raas”. We would like to thank the company, the big family of KEI employees and the concerned parties.” He added

It is also welcomed by the Head of Pagerungan Besar Village, Insan Sarif, “KEI during its operation in our area always participates in Eidul Adha activities every year. Of course we always pray that what is given can make us closer to Allah SWT” he said.

KEI Public Relations Manager, Hanip Suprapto, stated that the distribution of these qurban animals has been held for many years that cooperating together with KEI Islamic Da’wah Organization (BDI). “We would like to thank the BDI, employees and former employees of KEI for their participation and concern to give qurban animals to communities around the company’s operating area.” He said. This shows the company’s closeness, especially the employees to the surrounding community” he added.

The chairman of KEI’s BDI, Wildy Khalid also thanked the BDI Committee, the employees and former KEI employees for their participation, and also be thankful to the company, especially the public relations team who distributed the qurban animals. He expects in the future that will be more qurban animals. “Insya Allah the number of qurban animals will be more in the next year, so the recipients also increases.” He said. Because with qurban besides to get closer to Allah SWT, also teaches to share to other believers. “Every muslim should have sense of concern, care, solidarity, and comradery between people”, he said. If a person have been accustomed to do the qurban and know the meaning and its wisdom, then his heart will feel more peaceful and comfortable on implement it.

(Source : Radar Madura https://www.jawapos.com/radarmadura/read/2017/09/03/11455/skk-migas-kei-ltd-berkurban-di-raas-dan-sapeken )