SURABAYA – SKK Migas – Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) allocated the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds for the region around KEI operational area at Pagerungan Island, Sapeken Sub-district, Sumenep Regency. This year, funds of KEI’s CSR program worth around 1.6 billion Rupiah in Sapeken Sub-district. It was known on the signing of the 2017 CSR Program Implementation and synchronize meeting of 2018 CSR program in Surabaya on Thursday 8th February.

In 2017 CSR funds are budgeted of IDR 1.630.180.000, KEI’s have been spent total amount of IDR 1.606.554.700 on CSR activities, reaching 99 per cent. According to KEI’s Public Relations Manager, Hanip Suprapto, the unabsorbed funding comes from the education sector. “There is a scholarship recipient who did not submitted a proposal” said Hanip in front of the Meeting Participants.

This year, the CSR funds will be budgeted with relatively the same amount  IDR 1.632.120.000. The budget split into multiple sector are Education, Economy, Environment, Infrastructure, Health, Education and Culture.

KEI President Hirotaka Tanaka hopes that the CSR Programs that given to the surrounding areas in Sapeken Sub-district can improve the welfare of local community. “We are very proud of the successful 2017 CSR Program. We hope that the upcoming implementation will be able to improve the welfare of the community. Improving the infrastructure and economy which remains in harmony with the environment, “said Tanaka.

In the same place, Vice Regent of Sumenep, Ahmad Fauzi who also served as Chairman of PPO Committee of Sumenep Regency gave appreciation of the activity that CSR program is a routine program. However, every year should be better. “CSR is expected to encourage the acceleration of development in the islands. The key is there are synergies with Government of Sumenep Regency” His said.

Meanwhile, Regent of Sumenep, A. Busyro Karim reminded the participants that there will be no overlap between KEI’s CSR Program and the Program funded by the Sumenep APBD. The Regent also request that CSR activities had evaluated not only at the end of the fiscal year, but starting from planning, execution to completion of activities.

“Do not let the CSR Programs there are in an activities in Sumenep regency activities that are sourced from APBD Kabupaten, Provincial APBD or APBN”. Told the Regent in front of Senior Manager of SKK Migas Jabanusa Dony Aryantho, KEI President Hirotaka Tanaka and Executive Vice President of KEI Farid J Gaffar, Vice President of Public Relation & General Affairs Hardino and Head of Sapeken Sub-district Moh. Sahlan, village heads and community leaders of Sapeken Sub-district.

For your information, the Coordination meeting organized by SKK Migas, KEI and PPO Committee. The agenda are Implementation Reports, Monitoring and Evaluation of 2017 CSR Program and synchronize of CSR 2018 plan, and signing the Acceptance Certificate of electricity program in Raas Sub-district.

Senior Manager of Public Relations SKK Migas Region Jabanusa, Dony Aryantho remind to all parties to support oil & gas exploration and exploitation activities. “We hopes CSR can be utilized as well as possible for the welfare of the community”. His added.