SKK Migas Representatives for Jawa, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara (Jabanusa), Kangean Energy Indonesia Ltd (KEI), Sumenep Regency, Village Government, Local Activists, and Sub-District Leaders Forum of Raas (Forpimka Kecamatan Raas) has agreed with the 2018 CSR Program. The agreement was made in the coordination meeting with the CSR committee of Raas Sub-District on Thursday (3/8).

This year CSR Programs are more varied. In addition to Infrastructure, the budget also covers Local Economic Empowerment, Education, Religion, Culture, Environment, and Health which is far more improved than last year’s CSR Program which only concentrated on Electricity Development.

Vice Regent of Sumenep as well as PPO Committee Chairman Achmad Fauzi said CSR has become a multi-field program. “People of islands in Raas Sub-districts have enjoyed the self-manage electricity which is a contribution from KEI CSR Program” explained Fauzi on the greeting speech read by Acting Secretary of Sumenep Regency’s R. Idris.

Head of Raas Sub-District, Darussalam said the preparation for the 2018 Program is highly participative and selective. It is designed from the village level, Sub-District, and also discussed with KEI. It was then submitted to the Sumenep PPO Committee for further process. “The proposed 2018 program was discussed starting from the village level then went on to discussion with KEI” he explained.

Total budget of KEI 2018 CSR Program is IDR The funds were allocated to Raas and Sapeken Sub-Districts. “As a good commitment of SKK Migas – KEI, we are budgeting the 2018 KEI CSR program for Rp 3.2 billion that will be used for people around Pagerungan and TSB Operational Working Area”. Explained Vice President of Public & General Affairs KEI Hardino.

Public Relations of SKK Migas Jabanusa Representative Ami Hermawati expects support from all stakeholders for the smooth operation of upstream oil & gas activities. “KEI operations are Government activities that are vital and strategic. Let’s support the upstream oil & gas activities for a sustainable CSR Programs” She said.

Acting Secretary of Sumenep Regency R. Idris expected the CSR Budget to be utilized appropriately. “we hope that the existing CSR Programs can be utilized to raise the welfare of community”. He said.

Source : Radar Madura, March 13th 2018