Sumenep – Alongside the people of Raas Sub-district, SKK Migas-Kangean Energy Indonesia Ltd (SKK-KEI) sought to fill the holy month of Ramadan with good deeds. On May 22-25, SKK-KEI held Safari Ramadan on the islands of Tonduk, Guwa-Guwa, Komerian, and also in Raas mainland Sub-district.

KEI Public and Government Affairs Manager Hanip Suprapto explained, Safari Ramadan is an annual event that is always held by SKK Migas-KEI. The team takes every effort in travelling between islands to run this program.

“On June 8, we will come back and carry out Safari Ramadan in Pagerungan Island. In addition to maintaining hospitality, this program aims to listen and have discussions about the actual conditions in the field with the local community.” he asserted.

During this activity, SKK-KEI held breakfasting together with the community leaders and Ulama in Raas Sub-district. Other than that, 1.000 gifts were distributed for invitees along with 150 packages of basic needs for orphans and widows.

Head of Raas Sub-district Darussalam admitted to being impressed with this program. As the head of regional government administration in Raas, he said that SKK-KEI has contributed a lot to regional development.

“As part of the Indonesian Government, we feel that many contributions have been given by SKK-KEI until now. Even so, we are still expecting for continuous support and cooperation for future development in Raas Sub-district.” he said. “Thanks to SKK Migas and KEI who take time to visit us every year” He added.

“We are very happy because SKK Migas together with KEI pay us a visit in every Ramadhan.” added the Head of Community Group (Pokmas) of Tonduk Village H. Beni. Similarly expressed by the Head of Guwa-Guwa Village H. Sakrani, “We appreciate the efforts of SKK Migas and KEI to come as far as to Komerian Island.” he mentioned.

Public Relations representative of SKK Migas Jabanusa (Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara) Dimas Pear said that Safari Ramadan is an event where people can gather, discuss, and exchange information with communities. “This program is mainly conducted in the PSC Contractor operational areas. Hopefully, this positive program can continue to run.” he hoped.

Source : Radar Madura