SKK Migas – Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) again delivers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to the surrounding oil and gas operating area in Sapeken Sub-district and Raas Sub-district.

In 2018, the Community Development Program or better known as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the funds was distributed IDR3.2 billion. The same value also agreed for the program of PPM 2019 at the signing of PPM 2018 Official Report of Monitoring, Evaluation and Synchronization of PPM 2019 Planning in Sumenep which was held on Wednesday and Thursday (27-28/2).

KEI Vice President & General Affairs, Farid Gaffar explained the CSR 2018 and 2019 funds are focused on several important sectors. There are Education, Infrastructure, Economy, Health, and Environment.

SKK Migas-KEI Distributes and Agreed of IDR3.2 Billion for CSR Program in Sapeken and Raas

“Vice Regent of Sumenep, Achmad Fauzi accompanied by KEI Public Relations and Government Affairs Manager, Hanip Suprapto signed the Acceptance Official Report of the 2018 Community Development Program (PPM) and 2019 PPM synchronization program in Sumenep, Thursday (28/2).”


During this time, the CSR funds distributed every year in Sapeken Sub-district and Raas District has encouraged the improvement of community’s economy in addition to construction of public infrastructure. “Every year we always encourage so that the proposed programs are productive and have a real impact on improving the economy sector. Physical development is possible, but the drivers of the economy remains the community. For example, village market, fishing, and electricity are helping to encourage small business activities for the communities and fishermen, “he explained.

Farid explained that synchronization programs of PPM 2019 needed to be carried out immediately. Because he did not want to the development that carried out by KEI overlapping with the development plan that carried out by Government of Sumenep Regency. The CSR Program is to be separated from programs that are same in physical or location as those financed by APBN/APBD/APBDes, so that the source of funds, calculation and asset status is clear.

“The implemented programs is proposed from the communities that have been formulated in such way. So that the programs are really needed by the communities, and not just their desire, “he explained.

Meanwhile, in his speech, Vice Regent of Sumenep, Achmad Fauzi appreciated the programs that implemented by KEI. Even so, he also requested that the supervision of PPM to be carried out more intensively.

“We recommend that the supervision and evaluation of these activities to be carried out not only at the end and at the beginning, but also from the planning, implementation, completion, and to be evaluated,” he said.

In line with Achmad Fauzi, SKK Migas Region Jabanusa Public Relations Staff Officer, Erwin Andriyanto Redy, also said the same thing. According to him the program implemented with KEI CSR funds should include the programs needed in development in the communities.

“In addition to monitoring, we really hope for the participation of the community of the use of these funds, “he pleaded.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Raas District Village, who was held by the Village Head of Kropoh, H. Rahmawi wo was present at the event expressed his gratitude to KEI for the CSR funds that have been given routine every year. According to him, these funds are very useful in village development.

“So far the PPM program from KEI has been running very well, if there are sectors that are not covered by the Regional Budget then can be implemented with CSR funds from KEI, “he sai.

The same thing was also conveyed by Village Head of Sadulang, Hendro. So far, our people has been trying to manage CSR funds provided by KEI properly.

“The most felt from the results of CSR funds are in the economic sector. Because there are many community economic improvement programs that use CSR funds from KEI, he concluded.” (aji).

source “Radar Madura”