TSB Field

TSB gas field is located offshore, approximately 90 km north of Bali (at a water depth of 90m) and is part of the TSB gas field complex, which is composed of Terang, Sirasun and Batur gas fields. There are 4 production wells, including horizontal wells. In the first 8 months of operations alone, production from TSB gas field reached a total of 10 million barrels, with daily gas production averaging 240 million cubic feet (approximately 40 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day).

Natural gas produced in the same gas field is gathered in Floating Production Units (FPU) and transported through the East Java Gas Pipeline (EJGP).

As we move towards starting development on the Sirasun and Batur gas fields, also located within the TSB field, we are simultaneously seeking to develop newly discovered gas fields such as the West Kangean field, located offshore West Kangean Island, Indonesia and to start exploration at the South Saubi Prospect, where large-scale oil discovery is expected. Advancing in these efforts will continue to assist with ensuring a stable supply of energy to the Indonesian market.