Our Programs

We work to create a better future for the communities in which we operate: self-reliance, better living, better education, better health, alleviated poverty and maintained natural resources. Our social programs is focused on :

Sector Program


Social Economics Programs, concern to improve the social economic level of community. This program concern to transformation from gathering to breeding and added value for local commodity. The program design is : training on fish and seaweed processing, training on VCO production, promoting sea grass production, provide fruit and vegetable seed for improvement agriculture sector, provide duck, goat and cow for breede
Sector Program  Education Programs, concern to improve the human resource. The programs covers regrouping and construction of Elementary School as well as Junior High School Buildings, provide computer for high school, Incentive for Teachers, and Scholarship, Fishermen Regeneration Program and health education for children.
infrastruktur-csr  Infrastructur Program, concern to improve the Social/Public facility in village around operation area. The programs covers build Village Hall, Youth Center, Sport Fields (Football Volley Ball, Badminton, etc), Water Tanks and Distribution, Village electricity For, Jetty, Public Toilet and Paving Block Road.
Religion Programs  Religion Programs, concern to improve the level of public religiosity.The Programs covers mosque renovation, sending Da’i for moslem celebration days and Safari Ramadhan.
Health Programs  Health Programs, concern to improve the level of public health. The Programs covers renovation of local clinic, nutrition program for under five years children, doctor visit to local clinic, supplying clean water, health extention program, mass circumcision.
Environment Programs  Environment Programs, Concern to take care environment around operation area ( Coral Reef and Reboitation). The programs covers environmental law and conservation extention program, promoting environmental group of awareness.
Sport & Others Programs Sport & Others Programs,  concern to smooth the operation and good relationship with community. The programs covers training football referee, promoting local tournament, sport equipments program.